Custom Cooler Bag and Lunch Bag Manufacturer in China

Welcome to Greatsun Industrial Co., Ltd. We are a Shenzhen-based Chinese enterprise, specializing in manufacturing various fashionable and functional premium thermal bags for life on the go. Since its establishment in 2002, GREATSUN has been trying its best to be innovative and detail-oriented, ensuring our thermal bags are not only aesthetic in appearance and great in quality, but also extraordinary in longer lasting insulation. Our insulated bags with sleek, colorful and hip design have a function of heat, cold and fresh preservation, perfect for serving as picnic bags, lunch bags, food bags, diaper bags, shopping bags, etc. GREATSUN never stops pursuing perfection, always pays great attention to details, strives to optimally integrating every link and delivers extremely satisfactory products to clients. In addition, we are excellent in customizing client-specific cooler bags. We will endeavor to make sure what we craft is exactly what you desire. If you want to know more about our company and thermal bags, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are here waiting for our sincere cooperation in the near future!

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    1. Thermal Bag
      (Baby Bottle Bag)
      This cooler bag is an ideal option to store breast milk and cow milk, or hold a bottle of icy drink to refresh yourself when you are at outdoors. More
    1. Thermal Bag
      (Insulated Lunch Bag 1200ml)
      With the capacity of 1200ml, the GS-B4102 thermal bag makes it possible for you to take healthy breakfast, lunch and fruits delicately prepared by your beloved family member to your school or office. More
    1. Thermal Bag
      (Soft Sided Cooler, Insulated Lunch Bag)
      This soft sided cooler is a perfect food bag, effectively insulating your food when you go picnic or go on a date with friends; it is also an excellent insulated lunch bag. More
    1. Thermal Bag
      (Insulated Shopping Bag)
      Inspired by the popular fashion idea “less is more”, the insulated shopping tote with warm solid color and simple style is reminding people the real life is actually simple and warm. More
    1. Thermal Bag
      (Picnic Bag, Soft Sided Cooler)
      The GS-H1102 thermal bag boasts durable materials, classic colors and spacious storage. When you go picnic with your family on a sunny day, do not forget to bring this soft sided cooler with you. More
    1. Thermal Bag
      (Diaper Bag, Shopping Bag)
      The GS-M1101/ GS-M1102 thermal bag can be used as a diaper bag or shopping bag. With this thermal bag accompanying you and your kids, you will find life is actually that simple, happy and comfortable. More
    1. Thermal Bag
      (Insulated Lunch Bag, Camo Bag)
      With this camo insulated bag, you can take your delicious food and share it with your friends during your hiking or traveling. More
    1. Thermal Bag
      (Mommy Bag, Sports Bag)
      With the well-designed thermal bag, you can take your favorite beverage and daily necessities and go out with your friends. The functional and aesthetic outdoor gear will adequately demonstrate your fashion attitude. More
    1. Thermal Bag
      (Large Insulated Lunch Bag)
      You can take it along with you when your family go camping at sea shore or go on a picnic at outdoors; or when you are free, you can go fishing with your fishing gears put into the large insulated bag; when you go shopping in supermarket, it is also a great helper. More